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2014 Calendar of Events


To Migrate or Not to Migrate - That’s the Question!

Saturday, November 1
10 am
Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center

Migration is the process of moving from one place to another. Animals ranging from dragonflies and butterflies to whales chose do it with the journey for some occupying large portions of every year. Hazards abound along the route across unfamiliar territory, but the advantages must outweigh the disadvantages or they wouldn’t do it, right?

Explore the realm of migration with us, as we look at creatures who move. How do they survive the process, where do they go, what has been happening this year during fall migration, are migration patterns changing with the climate? Meet some of the migrators who live in Minnesota at least part of the year, some who visit, and some who just pass through. Dress warmly, the Nature Center may be cool. Hot beverages will be served. Free


A North Shore Evening

Sunday, November 9
5-8 pm

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