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Daily Nature Programs

This summer, naturalist Margie, will be offering programs every Thursday through Sunday. Drop by and learn something new every day!


Saturdays in September and October

Bird Banding: 7 am - noon (stop in any time):
Take a much closer look at songbirds! We will be banding birds and monitoring the populations of songbirds that nest and travel through Sugarloaf Cove and adding to the growing research on North Shore birds. Stop in to learn more about the banding process and its importance in understanding the lifespan, movement, and productivity of songbirds. Weather permitting.



Guest speakers: 10 am

See descriptions on left


Sugarloaf "Fun"ology Walk 10 am

Learn fun facts and phenology (nature's seasonal changes) at Sugarloaf Cove. What's blooming? What's migrating? What is in that cellar? What is an invasive? There are many mysteries to solve at this special place.


Sugarloaf Cove by Chris Sandberg

2015 Calendar of Events

Daily Nature Programs

See the column on the right for more information.

  • Saturdays - Bird Banding: 7 am - noon (stop in any time)

  • Saturdays - Guest speakers - 10 am unless otherwise noted

  • Sundays - "Fun"ology Walk! 10 am

Saturday Guest Speakers

Suggested donation: $2/person; $5 per family


Field and Screen - Secrets of Great Outdoor Photography
September 5, 10:00 a.m

Landscape photographer Chris Sandberg ( will lead a workshop designed to help photographers advance their photo artistry and technical skills for outdoor shooting. The class will focus on the two most important parts of the photographic process: finding outdoor scenes that that have the power to impact viewers, and and capturing those scenes in a way that reflects the photographer's vision. Topics in the class will include:

• Avoiding the obvious picture

• Going beyond your camera's program settings

• What equipment to take into the woods (and what not to take)

• How much money to spend to get good photographs

• Using Adobe's Photoshop Elements to produce great prints.

The class will be appropriate for photographers of all skill levels, and will be held in the Cove's main Center. Attendees will also have a chance to win one of Chris' prints of the beautiful Cove! 


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